Contract Drafting & Review

Contracts are everywhere in our modern world. In both business and everyday life, we are constantly entering into agreements with companies and other people - sometimes without even realizing it. And far too often, we aren't sure what we're agreeing to.


Signing a document you don't understand rarely works in your favor. Before you sign, schedule a thorough contract review. I can help you understand what you're being asked to agree to. And if the terms aren't what you wanted or aren't clear, I can help you write or negotiate better ones. 


If you need a contract to use in your business, I can help with that as well. Whatever the subject matter - a master services agreement, employment contract, or subcontractor agreement - I can draft you a clear, concise. and effective contract tailored to your specific needs and concerns. 

How I Can Help
  • Contract Review/Revision: A thorough review of your lease agreement, compensation plan, commission agreement, purchase order, or other contracts. I'll help you understand any legalese, flag any areas of concern, suggest revisions, and ensure you understand what you're signing. 

  • Contract Drafting: Need a contract for use in your business or personal life? I can draft one for your that is clear, concise, and tailored to your specific needs. 

  • Contract Negotiation: Sometimes, it's easier and better to have a skilled negotiator represent your interests. Whether you're negotiating a purchase contract, the sale of your business, or the terms of a severance agreement, I can help you negotiate terms that protect your best interests.