Employment Discrimination & Harassment

Despite the renewed attention it has received recently, workplace discrimination and harassment remain a reality for far too many people. If you’ve been harassed or discriminated against by an employer, you do not have to suffer in silence. I’ve handled hundreds of these matters in my career and I can help you understand the sometimes complicated process of holding those responsible accountable.


If you’re an employer facing a workplace discrimination or harassment claim, you need an experienced attorney on your side. Even if you are confident the claim has no merit, it is vital that you take the appropriate steps to fully investigate the matter and respond appropriately. I can guide you through this process. If the matter escalates, I have extensive experience defending employers before administrative agencies and in court. I can help you, too.

How I Can Help
  • Employees. If you've been a victim of discrimination or harassment, I can help you get justice. I can contact the employer on your behalf and often negotiate an out-of-court settlement that also preserves your reputation, your access to unemployment benefits, and your ability to get a new job. If we are unable to resolve the matter informally, I have significant experience with discrimination and harassment claims in court. I'll make sure you understand the litigation process and the benefits and risks. If you decide to sue, I'll fight to get you fair compensation. 

  • Employers.  If you are facing a claim of discrimination or harassment, the sooner you involve legal counsel, the better. I can investigate the claim and recommend a course of action, whether that's early resolution or fighting the claim in court. I can also help you review and revise your practices and policies to help minimize the chances of discrimination or harassment claims arising in the first place.