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Equity Compensation

Contracts are everywhere in our modern world. In both business and everyday life, we are constantly entering into contracts with companies and other people - sometimes without even realizing it. And far too often, people aren't sure what they're agreeing to.


Signing a document you don't understand rarely ends well. Before you sign, schedule a thorough contract review. I can help you understand what you're being asked to agree to. And if the terms aren't what you wanted or aren't clear, I can help you write or negotiate better ones. 


If you need a contract to use in your business, I can help with that as well. Whether it's a master services agreement, employment contract, or subcontractor agreement, I can draft you a clear, concise contract suited to your specific needs and concerns. 

Example Services
  • Contract Review/Revision: 

  • Contract Drafting: 

  • Contract Negotiation: