Non-Compete Agreements

Competition is good for everyone, but only when that competition is fair. If you're an employer, knowing when to use non-competes and how to make them enforceable is key to protecting your competitive edge. The laws regarding non-competes are complicated and can vary from state to state. I can help you craft an enforceable non-compete agreement and, when necessary, protect your interests in court.

If you're an employee being asked to sign a non-compete, you need to know what you're being asked to agree to. Non-compete agreements can have a big impact on your career, so it's important to know whether you're getting a fair deal. Too often, employees aren't even aware they have a non-compete until they start looking for a new job. If you find yourself in that situation, I can help you understand your options and, if possible, negotiate or litigate your way out of your non-compete.

How I Can Help
  • Non-Compete Agreement Drafting or Review.  For the employer, I cand draft a non-compete agreement that's enforceable and minimizes the risk of any future litigation. For employees, I can review the proposed agreement for any red flags, explain the meaning of all the legalese, identify areas for negotiation, and make sure all of your questions are answered.

  • Non-Compete Negotiation.  In my experience, many non-compete disputes can be resolved outside of court.  With my background in employment law, I will negotiate on your behalf to ensure your interests are protected without overreach.

  • Enforcement. Sometimes, employers have to take swift action to ensure that their non-compete agreements are enforced. Likewise, employees with a non-compete hanging over their heads need a quick resolution so they can move on. Regardless of which side you find yourself on, I can help you fight and win in court.