Severance Agreements

Sometimes, things don't work out between employer and employee. When it comes time to part ways, a severance agreement is an excellent way to help the employee with the transition and resolve all potential issues between the parties.  


If you're the employee, you likely have questions about what the severance agreement means and how it affects your legal rights. You need to know exactly what you're agreeing to before you sign and that you're being fairly compensated in exchange.

If you're the employer, you want to ensure that, in exchange for the payment you're offering the employee, the severance agreement resolves any potential legal issues between you.  Employment law in this area is especially complex, which makes it even more important that you use an experienced employment law attorney to draft your agreement. 

I have represented employers of all sizes and employees at all levels draft and negotiate these types of agreements. That means I know what to look for and how to negotiate an agreement that helps achieve all those goals. 

How I Can Help
  • Severance Agreement Drafting or Review.  For the employer, I draft a severance agreement that's compliant with all applicable laws and regulations, as well as minimize the risk of any future litigation. For employees, I review the agreement for any red flags in the contract, explain the meaning of all the legalese, identify areas for negotiation, and make sure all of your questions are answered.

  • Severance Negotiation.  I can represent you during severance negotiations.  With my experience in employment law, I will negotiate on your behalf to ensure your goals are accomplished and your interests are protected.  Severance agreements can and should further and protect the interests of both parties. 

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