Business Formation & Startups

Starting your own business is an exciting but intimidating adventure. Just like anything you hope to be successful at, you will need to have a firm foundation and a plan of action. I can help you with both. 

From selecting the right business entity (LLC, Corporation, Partnership, and etc). to filing the formation documents with the state and drafting your operating agreement or by-laws, I'll help you ensure your business gets off on the right foot. Building a plane is a lot easier if you're not trying to do it while flying; the same is true for building your business. 

If your business plan involves attracting outside investors and raising funds, I can help you with that as well. Fundraising can propel your business to new heights, but regulations and rules abound. I'll help you navigate them so you can focus on expanding your business. 

How I Can Help
  • Business entity selection. There are numerous factors that affect what kind of business entity you should form, including the type of business you intend to operate, your plans for expansion, whether you'll have employees, and many more. Forming the right business entity can also help you protect your personal assets from potential liability for the activities of your business. 

  • Business formation. This is more than just filing paperwork with the state and filing a fee. Depending on the type of business you form, you may also need a new tax identification number, an operating agreement, corporate by-laws, and other foundational documents. I'll help you determine which ones you need and make informed decisions about how they affect your business. 

  • Policies, procedures, and forms. If you plan on doing business with the general public, utilize vendors, or make purchases, there's a good chance you'll not only need legal documents, but policies, procedures, and forms to help your employees do business. By planning ahead, I can help you make sure your business is prepared on day one. 

  • Preparation for investment. If you're looking to grow your business by attracting outside investors, it's important that you have all your corporate legal documents in place. I'll help you make sure your business makes the right impression on your potential investors and ensure a smooth fundraising process. 

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