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Get to Know Us Through Our Previous Estate Planning and Business Matters

The Patterson Law Firm's Experience

The Firm's Experience In Business Matters and Employment Contracts

Attorney Caleb Patterson has over fifteen years of experience with both employment contracts and general business matters. Here are just a few examples of our work:

When a client’s online jewelry shop that started in their living room took off, she turned to us for advice. We helped her understand which business structure made the most sense for her booming company, form the legal entity, establish a bank account, and even successfully apply for a trademark to protect her intellectual property. This solid business foundation allowed our client to focus on her growing sales and new clients. 

In another matter we handled, an established company needed to update and standardize its governing documents, employment agreements, and customer contracts. Our firm helped them put agreements in place that made sense for their industry, took into account their specific concerns, and ensured compliance with both state and federal law - all for an affordable price.

Attorney Caleb Patterson has also helped draft, review, and negotiate employment contracts and severance agreements for companies of all size and employees at all levels. Whether you’re an employer or an employee, we can help you write, understand, and negotiate the best contract for you. 

The Firm's Experience IN Estate Planning 

For many of our clients, a simple will and powers of attorney are all the estate planning they need. With our flat fee estate planning packages, those clients can get professionally drafted documents at a fair and reasonable price. 

Other clients have more complex estate planning needs. One of our clients, for example, owned real estate in multiple states, was the beneficiary of several trusts and had very specific wishes regarding their affairs and distribution of their property. We helped them understand exactly what their estate consisted of, plan for multiple contingencies, and execute a clear estate planning strategy. 

Whatever size your estate may be, a well-crafted estate plan will minimize the time and cost associated with probating your estate when the time comes. Sometimes, we can even help clients avoid the probate process altogether. 

5 Star Review & Client Ratings

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