Business Succession Planning

If you’re a small business owner, there’s a very important question that you may not have considered: what happens to the business if you're not around? This is especially important to consider if your family is dependent upon the business for income or you plan to finance your retirement through a sale of the business. 


Having a business succession plan in place provides peace of mind not only for yourself and your loved ones but also for your employees and customers. I’ll help you identify your goals and ensure that you have the correct business organization, operating agreements, and other corporate documents in place to ensure a smooth transition.

How I Can Help
  • Estate Planning: If you own your own business, it's imperative that you have an estate plan in place. A business is a property, so, without a will, ownership of your business will pass according to the State of Texas's default rules. Make sure your legacy and your family are protected.

  • Business Re-Organization: Depending on your plans for business succession, you may find that you would be better served by a different organizational structure. I can help you make that switch as seamlessly and efficiently as possible.

  • Operating Agreements and Bylaws: It's important that your corporate business operating agreement or bylaws work hand-in-hand with your estate planning to avoid any surprises or unforeseen complications.