Wage & Hour

The laws surrounding overtime pay and minimum wage can be deceptively complex. Even employers making a good faith effort to comply with all the rules about overtime exemptions, independent contractors, and minimum wage can make costly mistakes without realizing it. I can help you ensure your company is following the law in all aspects of its employment, as well as defend you if an employee has made a claim against your company. 

The complexity of these laws also often leaves employees confused about what they are entitled to. Often, many employees are unaware that they've been classified as exempt from being paid overtime when, under the law, they shouldn't be. Or, employers may not be paying them for the time they spend putting on or taking off protective clothing, attending mandatory training, or other similar issues. I can help you figure out if your employer owes you money. And if they do, I can help you get compensated. 

How I Can Help
  • Understand the Law.  Determining whether an employee has been properly classified as exempt or an independent contractor really is independent can be difficult. Likewise, there is a patchwork of city, state, and federal laws that govern issues like paid sick leave, minimum wage, and rest periods. I can help you understand what those laws mean for you. 

  • Litigation. I've represented employees and employers in wage and hour-related litigation.  I'll make sure you understand all of the risks and benefits involved in litigation and, together, we'll pursue the best legal strategy for your case. No matter what, I will always act with my client's best interests at heart.